A monthly newsletter empowering you with Lifestyle Medicine knowledge. Get healthy, prevent illness and reverse disease.

Here are some health facts you didn’t know:

  1. Over 70% of deaths are due to lifestyle diseases

  2. Over 80% of those deaths are preventable

  3. Healthcare only contributes 10% to these outcomes - 80% is due to your daily behaviour, socioeconomic circumstances and physical environment

So what shall we do about it?

In my monthly newsletter, we will provide tips on how to optimise your lifestyle and habits to get healthy, prevent illness and reverse disease.

About me

My name is Dr Dilraj Kalsi and I use Lifestyle Medicine and Health Technology to empower people like you to be your healthiest.
After graduating from the University of Oxford, I became frustrated treating symptoms and not root causes of disease. After helping my mum and dad reverse their Rheumatoid Arthritis and Diabetes, I founded Hippocrates Lounge to help others do the same.
I am a Lecturer in Digital Health at the University of Warwick and publish regularly on Patient Empowerment with colleagues from the University of Oxford.