5 questions you need to ask yourself

Your 5-step plan to beat Pandemic Fatigue

1. How is my health? How is Pandemic Fatigue affecting it?

It could be stress, motivation, sleep or even your eating habits. If you’re not sure, take this 2-minute assessment.

“With each lockdown I've noticed I get stressed easily, I am irritable and I feel anxious. It was Pandemic Fatigue.”

2. Why do I care? Why do I want to beat Pandemic Fatigue?

Writing down your goals increases your chances of success by a third.

“Some days I've found it impossible to be motivated. Two simple habits - acknowledging three wins each day and getting up from my desk every hour - have totally changed that.“

3. What can I do to fix these health issues?

Look at how you are eating, moving, thinking, sleeping and your relationships.

4. What is my daily action plan?

Daily habits are our biggest weapon. Make your plan clear and simple to follow.

“I got into a horrible habit of watching Netflix in bed but a consistent bedtime routine of brushing my teeth and listening to a sleep meditation have got my sleep back in check.”

5. How do I know when I’ve beaten Pandemic Fatigue?

Repeat the 2-minute assessment to check your progress!

Take the Pandemic Fatigue Assessment