Bedtime ⏰

Even adults need one! 🛌

🧐 A study on sleep hygiene

In 2002, researchers in Louisiana did a cross-sectional study of >120 psychology students. They asked them to fill out 2 surveys: the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index and the Sleep Hygiene Awareness & Practice Scale.

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📈 What they found

People with variable sleep schedules had poorer quality sleep. They also found associations of going to bed thirsty, noisy environments and worrying with poor sleep.

💭 What you can do about it

Keep the same bedtime routine every night. For me this means drinking water, washing my face, brushing my teeth, reading a chapter of the book I am currently reading and listening to a meditation to help me sleep. This whole routine takes 30-45 minutes. Check out the video for more ideas!

♾ Break it down to habits

These are as simple habits as they come. Bedtime and bedtime routine. Set yourself a bedtime that you can stick to. Nudge it 15 minutes earlier every couple of days or so until you're there. Plan out your bedtime routine and know how long it takes.