Burned out? Aren't we all...

What burnout actually is, how to recognise it and how to control it

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Burnout from work: how to control it

Burnout from work: how to control it

With everyone working from home, you are literally living at work. It is so hard to switch off it’s no wonder we are all getting burnout from work. I have experienced this myself and know others around me have experienced the same, especially as social distancing goes on and quarantine fatigue kicks in. So let’s get into what burnout from work is, how you might know if you have burnout from work and some strategies I used to control my risk of burnout from work.

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Is adrenal fatigue real or are we just burned out?

“I am 100% here for any diagnosis that prescribes naps and I don’t need everything to be proven by corporate-sponsored science, but the staggering number of my friends who have been diagnosed with this condition makes me curious and concerned. Is adrenal fatigue a real condition or are people burned out and depressed?”

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The Basics of Flow Stress Management Course by We Flow Academy

The perfect defence against burnout. Understand (i) what stress is, (ii) what influences state and (iii) what you can/can’t control. Find your internal reset buttons to alter state and get into flow. Create a powerful habit with my custom tool and data-driven awareness. Become addicted to flow. It makes you more present and more effective at everything.

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