Expectations ⏰

Lead to disappointment😞. Let's manage them❤️

🧐 A study on resilience

In 2017 researchers in Australia did a cross-sectional study of ~200 veterinary students
They asked student to fill out 3 surveys: Five Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire; Neff Self-Compassion Scale; and Brief Resilience Scale

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📈 What they found

They found that there people who on the surveys were less judgmental, less reactive and more self-compassionate were more resilient. The last point is particularly relevant right now, when our expectations of ourselves might be with reference to before the pandemic but with Quarantine Fatigue we may need to reframe them.

💭 What you can do about it

Here are a few ideas for you to break down the negative inner self-critic. You could try a 30-day challenge of no self-criticism. Or you could keep a “Bragbook” to celebrate every single win. Finally, when goals and expectations become overwhelming, acknowledge what you have done. Check out the video for more ideas!

♾ Break it down to habits

As with any lifestyle change, you need to think of daily or weekly habits that build a positive cycle, e.g. say something positive when you look in the mirror, or note 3 positive things you did at the end of every day. Be creative and find ways to build your positive inner voice!