Feeling lonely?

It's normal given the circumstances, it does affect your health BUT there's plenty you can do about it

This month, I’m sharing:

9 ways loneliness reduces life expectancy

Loneliness is as harmful to health as 15 cigarettes per day and it’s Loneliness Awareness Week, so #LetsTalkLoneliness. It has real effects on health but there is plenty we can do about it.

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Can you take a lifestyle approach to the health effects of loneliness?

Can you reduce loneliness by treating inflammation? It may seem counter-intuitive but this is very much a chicken and egg situation. A holistic approach can help. Check out the full post over on Theravive

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3 reasons you need a holistic approach to health

It looks at you as a whole, in the long-term and you can reverse disease. With remote working and isolation we need this now more than ever. Click the link to read the full post.

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