I think I have Quarantine Fatigue, what do I do?

A 3-step plan, adaptable to you

1. Figure out how it’s affecting you and define your health goals

Is it mentally? Is it sleep? Is it appetite? Note them down in order of priority. If you’re not sure, take the 2-minute Quarantine Fatigue Assessment.

Then think about why you want to address it. What happens if it gets worse? What do you lose? What do you gain if you beat it? You need to know why it matters to you.

2. Use nutrition, exercise, mental, sleep and social strategies

For any symptom, there are lifestyle changes that can help. To improve sleep you can just set a regular bedtime, but you can also reduce your caffeine and processed food intake; avoid exercise too close to bedtime; and use breathing techniques in bed.

If you aren’t sure where to start, click here to get a personal action plan.

3. Break it down into a daily habit checklist and monitor your progress

Keep this in your journal or favourite note-taking app to keep yourself accountable. Check-in with yourself every week or month to review your symptoms.

Sounds too much like hard work?

It’s not always easy to follow through on health goals so we’ve put together a programme to help you do all of the above efficiently and easily. Step 1:

The 2-min Quarantine Fatigue Assessment