Pandemic got you run down?

Take the Quarantine Fatigue Assessment now

Happy New Year! I know it may not be that happy so far. 2021 was supposed to be different but another necessary lockdown means we are at greater risk of Quarantine Fatigue. The longer this goes on, the more the longer term health effects are going to hit us.

The WHO are worried about Pandemic Fatigue which may be affecting up to 60% of us but healthcare resources are tied up fighting the pandemic itself. So I’ve been working hard to bring you some resources to support your wellbeing in the meantime.

As with any health issue, we need to understand how it is affecting us before we can formulate an action plan. So I’ve done both for you! I’ve put together an assessment to help you understand what your wellbeing priorities should be while we are social distancing. You will then get a personal action plan to help you stay physically and mentally well during the pandemic.

Take the Quarantine Fatigue Assessment

If you are:

  • Irritable, Stressed, Anxious;

  • Unmotivated or less productive;

  • Unable to sleep;

  • Eating more or Eating less;

  • Having racing thoughts or just on edge in general;

It could be Quarantine Fatigue. Don’t let it fester. Conquer it before it becomes something more. The first step is to take the Quarantine Fatigue assessment.