Quarantine Fatigue is real

It’s not just about Mental Health during COVID-19. Learn what Quarantine Fatigue is and a 3-step plan to manage it

This month, I’m sharing:

Quarantine Fatigue is real

Experts say it will be another 12-18 months before life might go back to what it was like before the pandemic. In the meantime we are all at risk of Quarantine Fatigue and concerns grow about Mental Health during COVID-19. Read my latest blog post to understand what Quarantine Fatigue is and a 3-step plan to conquer it. (Spoiler: you can sign up to get notified about our upcoming app to help you with it).

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Should you be taking Vitamin D?

There has been a great deal of talk about whether taking Vitamin D can prevent COVID infection or reduce the severity if you get it. I posted a tweet thread summarising all of the latest research on Vitamin D. I highly recommend checking it out here:

Need more nature in your life?

We all need a regular change of environment where we can get it right now. I get my daily dose from my morning nature walks and recently I’ve started cycling to explore greenery that is further afield. Head over to Pinterest to see some of my snaps!

Nature walk photos

Monthly meditation

With lockdown looming, we need a sense of perspective to help us through. Try this gratitude meditation to get your mind right for the month ahead.